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Skyvi it`s an app similar to Siri from Iphone. It knows about everything from local businesses to food nutrition! It makes witty remarks and even tells jokes. It has a social side, letting you access Facebook and Twitter using voice.


  • Fun chats, witty remarks, tells jokes
  • Ask for things around you
  • Search for local businesses
  • Access Facebook with voice
  • Access Twitter with voice
  • Tweet or Update Facebook with Voice
  • Ask questions with voice

Skyvi it`s free,  fun, it can find you pizza or it can tell you where you can watch a movie nearby. And it`s fun; for exemple, tell Skyvi it`s stupid and he will answer you “I will remember you said that when robots take over the World”. For text to speech enginge I recommend Ivona (you can download it in romanian, german, french, german, polish and many english accents like american, british, welsh, australian), probably the best tts engine available.



I’ve had some issues with a few questions, Skyvi doesn’t understand some of what I`m asking and it says “You`ve got my full attention” and it ask me a random question like “What are you wearing?”.

Here are a few conversations with Skyvi and his answers:

  • Tell me a joke – “It is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth an remove all doubt”
  • You are stupid – “I will remember you said that when robots take over the World”
  • Find me pizza – It gave me several adress with pizza in nearby, with the posibilty to view them on the map
  • You are nice – “Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a nice? Of course I am”
  • Where can I watch a movie? – It gave me several adress with the posibilty to view them on Google maps
  • Lalalala – ” You have a beautiful voice”

So, Skyve it`s a pretty cool and funny application with room for improove his accuracy. It`s a good competitor for Iphone`s Siri.

QR code for Android Market download:


  1. Interesting so far….I wish it would manage your calendar as well.

  2. this thing is so cool

  3. This app is very cool and interactive. It has alot of potentional.


  1. Skyvi | Android Things - [...] with it. Make it fit your lifestyle or let it help you change to someone you want to be.! …

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