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Auto Call Recorder is a very helpfull application for Android which does what it says: it will simply auto record your calls (outgoing and incoming).  These applications are not legal in all countries/states. Check first before you use this app as you could get into trouble in some countries/states.

Saved calls will be found in auto_call_recorder directory on your SD card in .3gp extension. The records will be on folders sorted by months. For manage and explore your SD card directors you may use Astro File Manager.  When you start a call the app is autostarting and it may notify you, depends on how u set it:  on the status bar, on screen (toast) or not notifying you at all. You may also set the shortest record to keep (ex. 1 sec). The recording is pretty good, but the voice of the person who`s calling you it`s a bit low; that is one thing it can be improoved. The other thing that Auto Call Recorder can improove it`s to allow you to save the recordings in a custom folder.


What i like about this app is that does not require access to the internet -and you can be sure no data about you or your recordings are collected by Auto Call Recorder and it`s very usefull for me taking into consideration that I work at an online store wich takes orders by the phones too. If i am somewhere when i don`t have a pen and a paper or  i can`t write down the order, the call recorder is doing my job.

AutoCallRecorder it`s free but also available in PRO version for $3.99.

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  2. very good

  3. it’s cool,
    but how I can use it with Viber?

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